MG 1.1 User albums won't load

Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question...

I converted my VB 3.7 forum to Xenforo and installed XMG 1.1. All the media is there and import seemed to work just fine.

When I drill down to a user profile I can see recent uploads under the Postings tab. However, the Media and Albums tab doesn't load any data and doesn't throw an error. It just hangs with a "Loading..." message.

I have rebuilt all of the XMG caches but nothing changed. Any idea what might cause this behavior?


Chris D

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I can't think what would be causing this.

If you go to that user's albums page directly does that give you an error or any more information?

Easiest way to do that is to go and view a media item by that user, and in the "More Media" block there should be a count of how many albums they have. The count is a link to a list of all their albums. Does that load ok?

Chris D

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Just had a quick look, there's a load of files missing:


Please re-upload all files and try again.
Argh. Yep, I forgot to unzip the directory. Well, at least I have kept my streak of stupid questions alive, I guess that's something! Thank you for your patience.