As designed  user-access restriction / different behaviour for Member-Card


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not sure if this is intended design, but I just want to report it:

I have set the member-profiles to be only visible by "Registered Members".

So there are 2 different behaviours when clicking on user-profiles at this page:

1) when clicking on a member-profile (avatar) in the members-list, then it does not open the Member-Card, but forwards directly to the Error-page which says "Login required".

2) when clicking on a member-profile (avatar) at the box in the Sidebar named "Highest-Posting Members", then it does indeed open the Member-Card. When clicking onto the Member-Card then it forwards to the Error-page which says "Login required".

So in one case the Member-Card is being opened up, in the other case the Member-Card does not open up.

Why the difference ?

Personaly I would prefer the Member-Card opening up and then forwarding to the Error-page.


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We don't show the member card on the member list because most of the information from the card is already shown there. Given that you're on a list of users, the logical path is straight to the member page.

This could be changed with a template modification.