Use XFMG on different site.


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I notice that my XFMG license is linked to the URL of the XF license I bought it with. Is it possible to use that with a different license or is it tied? (Obviously I'm only looking to use XFMG on one site).
Official add-ons are tied to a specific license and can only be used with those license files and the URL associated with it.
If you mean change the URL associated with the license, yes you can do that as long as there is only one installation and it is your domain.

What you can't do is install your license files on someone else's domain and theirs on yours.
@Brogan just another quick question, if I did replace one license with another, is it as easy as deleting the XMFG files and then over-writing the forum license?
Yes, that would work but bear in mind my previous comment with regards to using your files on your domain.

With only one license there is no option to do that.
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