XF 1.4 use widgets on other site


how i can use sidebar widgets like online users in other sites, not only the mainsite without a addon.

when i try to include the template the online_users are 0, on other sites,
only on the mainsite the show me the users which online

thank you very much


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As I responded to your ticket, it requires custom development to expose the data for use elsewhere.

It's not entirely clear what you mean by 'main site' and 'other sites'.
Do you mean different XenForo installations?

If so, you can't show online users from one site on another site anyway.
with the mainsite i mean the startsite with forumthreads and on the left the sidebar with online users and statistic of forum.
when i click on specified thread i dont can see the sidebar more. i want to use the sidebar on every page.
when i include a template with this (forum_list) i receive an error on the top of the page.