Lack of interest Use tooltip hover to show content related to alert on alerts page


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I'd like tooltip hover of the content relating to the alerts listed on the recent alerts page so you don't necessarily have to navigate away from the page to understand what the alert relates to.

For example, when someone likes a post you very often don't really need to visit the thread, but you want to know what was liked. A reminder about what the post was, provided by a snipped in the tooltip, will often be enough for you to acknowledge what it's referring to without taking you away from the page you're currently on.

This would be very useful and save a lot of itme when working your way through dozens or hundreds of alerts.

Mockup: (Although it didn't register in my head I was mocking up a resource update, you'd probably want the content of update post in the tool tip, not the first post of the discussion thread, you get the idea)