XF 1.5 Use spam cleaner without seeing IP address?


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Is it possible to give someone access to use the spam cleaner but not give them access to see IP numbers?

Our forum talks about very confidential issues. I'd feel more comfortable giving people access to use the spam cleaner without giving them access to see the IP addresses of all newer members.
Awesome! Thanks Brogan.

Will the "Check spammer's IPs" option no longer be visible if they can't 'View IP addresses'? Or will it be available but simply never display the IP number? The "Check spammer's IPs" option is by default on on our site.
I tested this on my own site and "Check spammer's IPs" was no longer visible for someone without 'Vi4ew IP Addresses'.

Thanks for the super-professional work, guys. I love how you get the details right far more often than most firms.
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