Usage of @tagging - how do you use it ?

How do you use @tagging ? is it usually for someone in the thread already ?

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Liam W

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On the spotify community, I mention the OP of the thread when I reply.

I don't really use mentions on my own forum - mainly because quotes looks fine ;)

I rarely get mentioned, anywhere :( Maybe no one thinks to bring me to a thread :p

Digital Doctor

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A great thing for Xenforo would be a video detailing all the cool features of Xenforo.
The video would be directed to show ... via a YouTube video ... what are the features of Xenforo.

Showing people the @ Tagging would be a useful chapter in the aforementioned video.

What is your use of @Tagging ?


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I use it for people in the thread about half the time. Now that I think of it it would be less. I use it more for trying to get someone into the thread.



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