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Add-on US State Flags

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by dougiemac, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. dougiemac

    dougiemac Member

    Since my forum relies heavily on knowing which state a member is located, I am looking for an Add-On that will replace "Location" for a validated zip code. If that can't be easily done, a dropdown selecting State.

    Then based on that zip code, a US State flag icon would be visible on the members profile page, under the members avatar/username, and on the member's profile card.
  2. Thomas.B

    Thomas.B Well-Known Member

    Afaik there is currently no add-on that does exactly that. But if you don't necessarily need state flags, you may have a look at Autocomplete Location
  3. dougiemac

    dougiemac Member

    Thanks. I am hoping someone will PM me with a reasonable estimate to do this work.
  4. ForumCube

    ForumCube Active Member

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  5. dougiemac

    dougiemac Member

  6. tajhay

    tajhay Well-Known Member

    Theres a tutorial on here that teaches you how to do this yourself.

    1. Create custom field with multiple options i.e. states.
    2. Name all your images the name as your state.
    3. edit your template to pass the custom field back per user post and then append the image extension to it.

    I believe it was created by Sheldon. You will save yourself a bunch of money by doing this yourself as its fairly easy.
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  7. dougiemac

    dougiemac Member

    Thanks...I'm not much of a coder, so this may take some work on my part. I appreciate that.
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  8. Steve F

    Steve F Well-Known Member

    I know @Snog has a country flags add-on but not sure it could be adapted. It works by using the users ip if I recall.
  9. dougiemac

    dougiemac Member

    Yeah I've asked him already and he said no since IP addys are tough with states that border each other.... thanks tho. :)
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  10. LuvMeSumZen

    LuvMeSumZen Active Member

    @dougiemac Did you go any further with this?

    My forum also relies on knowing the member's state. I'm working on getting one made but not relying on IP address. I made state location a mandatory field for my forum registration so I'm hoping state flags can be generated from that field during registration (sounds like a good idea to me but I'm not code savvy). I don't know how to handle foreign registrations maybe have the add on ignore the request if anything other than a 50 state is entered and use the existing country add on to handle that. I think to avoid spelling errors a drop-down would be needed to select state. This is my idea anyway. If you want to go in together to get it made PM me.
  11. dougiemac

    dougiemac Member

    I did... I paid for a custom add-on to be created.

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