Url's not quite correct


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The first "forums" is the directory you placed XF in, the second "forums" is the content type. Placing XF in your root directory would solve it.


You can change the route from "forums" to something else using this Addon http://xenforo.com/community/resources/route-changer.447/

Alternatively you can change the directory. For example on here the folder is called community so you get community/forums, but in your case as the folder is called forums you get forums/forums.
Yeah, it may be best to change it to community as forums/forums just looks wrong from a user perspective. Shame really, seems an un-necessary extra sub-folder in the url.


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/forums/ /threads/ /pages/ you can see where this is going... much more than just forums: /blogs/ /images/ etc.
If you're only running /forums then it does read a little odd.