XF 1.5 URL Missing . in emails


We're having an issue with emails and it appears to be random best we can tell.

If you look at the screenshot provided, the link is missing the . in the .com portion of the URL.

How would I resolve this?

missing dot.png


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That is the actual thread title text, not the URL.

Unless you mean clicking it doesn't load the thread at the correct URL?

If it doesn't, check the Board URL in the options is correct.


I do mean clicking it doesn't load the correct URL. It is missing the . in .com.

I checked the board URL and it is correct.

Any other thoughts?

Tracy Perry

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I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're asking me to do.

How would I reproduce it?
Create a thread with the same subject/title and content and then see if you can visit it here is what Brogan is instructing you to do. You would do this in the Test area on this site that he linked to.


I'm sorry, I'm not the most technical person.

Do you want me to copy and paste the source or just the email itself?