Browser issue URL linking issues in Firefox Android


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Firefox on Android seems to be doing some peculiar things when trying to create URL links in text.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Type in some text
  2. Select some text, ensuring that the orange/yellow selection adjusters are visible (i.e. don't just select a single word where Firefox doesn't show these)
  3. Insert a URL using the link button

As you'll see, the selected text isn't made into a link, instead the URL is inserted right at the beginning of the text.

Interestingly when you select just a single word where the orange/yellow selection adjusters don't appear, the text linking works correctly. Well, almost - because if the linked text is at the end of a line, anything you type in after that is added to the linked text i.e. it becomes part of the same link.


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Also a browser bug unfortunately. It doesn't seem to keep the highlighted bit as the actual selection (or at least loses it when clicking the link button). As such, the selection actually appears to be at the very beginning of the box.