XF 1.5 Urgent Help - "Too Many Redirects"


I had reports today from users who were trying to access my forum saying that they couldn't get on and I have no idea what's going on.

I've not touched anything with it for a long time now as I've been busy with work and life in general, the forum was happily just running itself with the help of the admin team.

No settings have been changed, nothing has been touched, but now the forum will not load. At first I thought it was my whole website, but the main domain and other sub domains are working fine. The only one that isn't is my Xenforo installation.

Can anyone help?

Forum URL: http://forum.elgrandoc.uk

Other's (Working): http://elgrandoc.uk (Wordpress) / http://store.elgrandoc.uk (OpenCart) / http://wiki.elgrandoc.uk (MediaWiki).

Yeah, because I fixed it.

The xf_sessions table had crashed (somehow). I repaired the table in phpmyadmin and now it works.

I managed to log in through the indirect look using http://forum.elgrandoc.uk/admin - took a few attempts as it kept giving me a "security error"... but eventually let me in and showed me that there had been server errors logged. Checked them out and it told me that the table above had crashed.
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