Uploading zip file question.

Robert F Schmitz

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I would like to try to upload the zip file of the upgrade and extract it once it is on the server. I recently did ionCube and it was so much faster to upload the zip but when I clicked extract, it extracted to the appropriate folder.

The upgrade is in the upload folder so if I click extract zip file, it will extract it to a folder called upload. Is there a way around this? Do I rename the upload folder to the directory name that my xenforo installation is in before uploading? For example, rename upload to forum?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
What I do is this:

1) Extract zip file on my computer.

2) Open the terminal (I use OS X) and cd to inside of the upload folder. Example:

cd Desktop/xenforo_1.1.3_license_full/upload

3) Then make a tar.gz of all files in that folder using this command:

tar -cf - ./* | gzip -c > xf.tar.gz

4) Then upload that xf.tar.gz file to the forum root on the server and run these commands to unzip / untar:

gzip -d xf.tar.gz
tar -xf xf.tar

When you untar it will extract the files "on top" of the existing files, overwriting them with the new versions. It is the same as uploading all of the files via FTP, but much faster obviously.