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Uploading of images

Hi Team

Is there any way of uploading images without having to use a link.

Ie: most of my members would not be able to upload images as they do not have any hosting for them.

I understand we would then over time run into space if the are thousands of images... is there a work around?


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'Upload file' button at the bottom of the post editor. After upload, you have the option to insert as thumbnail or full image.


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Are we now providing support to people in an area that is not licensed owner specific?
I'm pretty sure that's why @Amaury referred them to the correct location to post the question at. ;)
Understood. I followed Brett's purchase in another thread and thought I could answer his question in less words than the post above me. no harm meant

Tracy Perry

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I am a paying member. Thanks Tracey
I knew you were... but it's a bad habit for to get into on providing support (for anybody) in an area that the general public has posting rights to.

That's why there is a descriptor below the category stating
"Non-support-related discussion and feedback for XenForo. Support questions should be directed to the correct forum"

I've been guilty of it also... and had one of those "Oh Snap!" moments and then had to go back and edit the post.
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