XF 1.4 Uploading images from phone on forum or in media gallery


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When trying to upload an image (Upload a file) from an Android phone, I can only do so by taking a picture on that phone at that moment. I am not given the option to upload from my phones gallery. Is this configurable somewhere?

Chris D

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Yeah, again that highlights it's down to the OS and browser support.

Actually if you went back to iOS 5, there'd be no option to upload files at all.

Surprising as it's a modern browser and OS.

There's still no configurable settings, though. We display the same HTML and load the same scripts regardless of device (with some exceptions to things like the rich text editor) and it's just up to the device how it wants to behave with that.

You might want to try it with another browser or ask for device/OS specific support at an appropriate site.


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When you upload a file from Android, you need to choose "Documents" from the option that appears after tapping on the Choose file button:


Once you have done this, you then need to tap on the menu at the top left to get the menu options:


From this, choose "Image" or "Photos" to be able to select an image that is already on your device.

This was tested on both a Nexus 7 and an Xperia Z1 compact. It applies to Android 4 and above.


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Kind of convoluted but it does work..., thanks. Not much that can be done about it as that is straight Android I suppose.
Not convoluted at all. Documents is all files, not just images. You're simply saying that you want to upload a file, then you are going to look where that file is saved, in this case it's an image so in Images or Photos. It's pretty much the same as using a PC.