XF 2.1 Uploading and viewing .mp4 video issues with iOS


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When a member uploads a video using the 'Insert Video' method then the video retains .mp4 in the link. However when a member uploads as an attachment the video link is referenced which cannot be viewed by browsers using the iOS (operating systems) on Apple products

As a test, the following are the same video but uploaded using the two different methods:

The 'Insert Video' method:

As an attachment:

If a member uploads a .mp4 video using 1588595092707.png when they write a post the video loads fully and is viewable on all browsers on devices using iOS

However if it is uploaded it as an attachment using the 1588595075567.png button, the forum code adds a reference to the file and browsers on iOS can't read that ..

Is there a way around this or is it possible to restrict the upload of .mp4 formats to just the 'Insert Video' method?

Chris D

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It shouldn't matter how a video is uploaded, whether it be through the "Insert video" or "Attach files" button, if it is a supported video format then it will upload it as a video.

Is this something you can reproduce on this forum?

Chris D

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That's what I was expecting though I have to say I'm not entirely sure why you're seeing a different behaviour.

The "Insert video" button is actually the same as the "Insert image" button and the "Attach files" button but it just changes which extensions are allowed to be selected.

All of the code involved in the uploading of the files is otherwise the same.

I guess all I can suggest at the moment is trying to disable all add-ons to see if that makes any difference.


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Video uploaded as an Attachment but not inserted into post

Hi @Chris D , using this method replicates the issue we are seeing on our forum

The url for the attachment is: https://xenforo.com/community/attachments/31793-mp4.224212/
and it is the change of file type (?) that iOS cannot recognise -> /31793-mp4.224212/

The issue is when a member uses the 'Attach file' button to upload the video but then doesn't insert it into the post once it is uploaded.
What seems to happen is if it is not inserted the video is not moved into the relevant 'data' folder but remains sat in limbo as an attachment with a file reference that iOS cannot read.

Here is the before and after link using the 'Attach file' button on our forum, and then using the option to insert video:

Attach only: https://www.maggotdrowning.com/forums/index.php?attachments/31793-mp4.32279/

Attach and insert: https://www.maggotdrowning.com/forums/data/video/32/32280-6a67b45e0cd87682ef8b5cf9b9582158.mp4


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