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If I want to upload an mp4 video is there anything particular I need to do either sever side or within the Media Gallery? I have set the accepted file extension to mp4 and it goes through all the motions of doing an upload but then nothing is saved?

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Then at some point it just seems to stop the upload and I sit with the following screen


If I select Save Media it tells me the media has been successfully saved and then just takes me here with no video showing.

There's a small bug here in that you shouldn't be able to click "Save Media" until the upload has completed. You will know when the upload has completed because the text inputs to enter a title and description will appear. If it is a large file, the file may be going through a copy or move process which is taking longer than expected. I think we could do with making this clearer in the next release, but for now you just have to wait until the video upload fully completes.
We've made some changes here so it shouldn't be possible to click the "Save Media" button while media is still in the process of being uploaded.

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