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I'm getting a generic error trying to upload a zip file, it's only 18Mb and zip is shown in allowed attachments, plus the allowed upload size is 100000 kb (100MB?). I can upload photos and images OK to posts.

Where should I start with troubleshooting this please? I seem to recall uploading attachments > 50Mb OK in the past.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 15.36.37.webp
We've seen indications that the Flash uploader isn't as resilient to network issues as the base browsers. The first step would be to disable that and do the upload without it. If it goes through, that is likely the issue. (You may find the issue to be sporadic with the Flash uploader for a given file.)

If it doesn't go through, there may be another error and opening your browser console may give some additional information.
Thanks Mike. That didn't fix it, so I opened the console and it comes up with a 500 Internal Server error after the upload finishes, so I have asked my web host Nimbus Hosting to look into this. It used to work, and smaller attachments work, maybe it's a setting on the server? I'll post back again if it's resolved to say what it was.
Just to update, this was fixed by the host, Nimbus, so appears to have been a server setting that needed tweaked. I found I could upload a 9MB Zip but not a 17Mb one, so it must have been related to the file size.
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