Implemented Upload video from mobile phone direct to post

Tracy Perry

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collections etc when you just want to share a quick video to a thread.
Not if implementation is done correctly. You already have the users information, simply create a specific gallery for them via internal routines and upload it to that created gallery (one time creation) and pull it from there and insert it into the post. Yes, it would then require you to purchase the add-on gallery but if the function is that important it's a small price to pay.


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With gallery installed I would like to:
first easily upload a video directly to posts and then ask (mandatory or not) to categorize it on the gallery.

I see the possibility to categorize/tag media directly in the “thread view” template after the post is publiced OR during upload. For media not categorized i would like that not-owners could suggest/set categories and tags (permission based) directly on the thread view template.

The gallery pages will become a simple way to browse media posted on threads (but not limited to that).