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I always have problems with uploading resources that are more that 200 mb (its not problem about my server. Because we have other sites on this server and all of them are limited but can upload 1 GB files, but my forum's access to server is unlimited somewhere but always has problem uploading heavy files).
Up until today, I couldn't upload a resource with 300 mb. It starts uploading but faces with error during process.
Being able to upload resources via URL can help us a lot (so that we can upload it easily from ftp and then attach it via URL in resource manager. Or even threads maybe)

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Have you looked at the existing addons that can remote install for you?

If you provide a Resource Manager URL, your XenForo username and password then you will be able to install an add-on entirely remotely.

The latest version of the add-on is grabbed from the Resource Manager and installed automatically. Once again, if the add-on is already installed it will be be upgraded automatically to the latest version.
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