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I really dont understand why noone has one of the most wonderful functions ever to make people putting more and more pictures to a board.

For XF there is an add-on to upload an avatar. With it i can choose a part of a picture or resize it to fix. But it misses the way to choose a bigger part and resize after.

I have asked Maindigo to program it. He asked for some euros to do it. I was happy to hear it. I have posted this information to the german board xendach.de and offered to pay the half price. So maybe here a some people who wants to pay a small part also.

But for shure it is needed more - the same procedure should be available for pictures also.

I am not a programer, but i am able to download some js-librarys and use the examples.

So for you coders it should be another half day to offer this killer application that none of the boards i know have.

And if you have forgotten how a life is without photoshop, go and ask your parents or your grandparents.
My ones like to have a closed board only for our family living in a lot of cities with some hundreds of kilometers between. They love to see pictures from each other, but they do uploads rarely because they dont want to open a picture programm first. There a millions of people like this. Give them an easy toy and they will use it.

And i users like a board with this function more than a board without, webmasters will buy your product.
So please, forget the next weekend, and make me happy.


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I'm not sure what you're suggesting here. Uploading an avatar is a core feature in XenForo and is therefore not from an add-on.


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Because this is not the point. I think about all my users that are not working with Photoshop every day like me.
For my opinion this is a killer-aplication for really a lot of people. I am shure this is possible to be made in a half day and i really dont understand why nobody has done it till now for any board i know. Probably this means that i am wrong with my view, but i am really, really shure about it - at least for my boards, where some special clients do uploads all the time after preparing their pictures in psd.

After watching my family how they use a private family board, what they do and what they dont do, i am shure that this would help to increase the number of pics in my boards in a significant matter.

With one or two other functions like make an area not seen (blur, black e.g.) and adding text to a picture they would love it like crazy - my users and the family.
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But for shure this functions should be there for an album or gallery-add also. I had several galleries in my boards, but they where never used really. If people writes articles for example about their last journey to places around the world they love to mix text and pictures and the readers love to read and see pictures at the right place between the text.

In one board i have deleted the galerie at all and use my own scripts to show my pictures like i want it without all the things around the pictures, because here they are the stars and not the gallery-script. It is just a grey screen with small thumbs and really big pictures that destroy any design if not used in 100%, what i never use in no way for none of all my sites made in the last 15 years.


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I think this code is ready to install from different sources, i made a running example by myself in one hour on a ugly white page in one of my admin-scripts to work with advertising of my users that needs moderation before publishing them.

The goal is to build it in XF and with the design of XF, something that i am not familiar till now. (I play with XF since five days and still only with the css.)

But anyway this is not the point, if someone needs one hour or one week. The point is that nobody seems to miss this function while it is standard on every up-to-date dating site.

So maybe i am wrong with my view, and have to pay someone or try it by myself after inspecting the souce of XF in some days. If there is no other way, i will do a popup and some normal php and mysql to have it, but for shure it would be much more nice to have it inside XF as one function. For my this is an real usp for a board. One week before i have bought vb5, XF and two more just to try them and watch inside. I am not a fan from nothing, i just have needs, but none of the choosen boards feeds me completly. :)