Browser issue Upload filters - case sensitivity (Linux Filesystems)

In the upload dialog there are filters available for the types of files. e.g. *.jpg. There's like 24 defined on "ETO".

When the filesystem is vFAT, upper and lower case extensions are found. With NFS, the filter *jpg does not find files ending is .JPG and all of the variations like .JPg, JpG, etc. My camera producing files in the form P*.JPG.

Since it really is file type defined by an extension, I think mixed case should be allowed for a *.jpg filter. You can't practically add all of the variations case for 24 file types and probably regular expressions are not allowed as filters.

workaround - any file that can be uploaded has to have a lower case extension.

A full discussion is here:

Upload file filter
Firefox 43.0.4
Case sensitive file systems
File types
Linux 12.04 LTS

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I don't think we have any real control over this, beyond potentially doing additional permutations (and I believe we have seen issues when there are too many extensions, so that's not ideal) or removing the limiting entirely (at best, we'd have to do a UA detection to only do this in Linux, though case sensitive FSes can exist elsewhere).

The file dialog here is controlled by Flash. We can just tell it what to filter down to but the actual filtering happens within Flash. Here's another bug report of it: It appears there was an Adobe bug opened, but it's no longer accessible.

Disabling the Flash uploader would also workaround it, by virtue of the resulting dialog not actually doing any filtering.