Duplicate Upload file issue IOS8


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I have had handful of members complain they can not upload images on the iPhone mostly IOS8 I believe. They say when clicking the upload button, there is no option to choose an image. Here is a message from a user, the dancing cats must be a separate issue with an add on i guess. I am not seeing this issue with my iPhone and IOS8 however.

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I am having issues with the site today

I am using iPhone on iOS 8 with Safari

I just upgraded to iOS 8 today but I'm unsure its related

When I click on upload a file the dialog pops up but then I can't click on "choose file"

Also, a row of orange dancing Sphynx appears on everyone's posts.

Thought I would let you know

2nd message

Got the file upload to work.. But it doesn't work every time

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 5.46.56 AM.png