XF 1.4 Upgrading - Template modifications


I'm about to upgrade to the latest version of 1.4 - I have made quite a few template changes and am worried about losing them and having to redo.

Am I right in thinking that my modifications are actually saved in the database, and that the template files included in the update folders only take effect if I revert via admin panel?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Effectively, yes, you are correct. Your edits will be safe.

If any of your changes overlap with changes we have made, the template will be marked as outdated. Our changes won't apply until you've resolved that, your changes will be safe.

To resolve that one solution is to revert your changes and reapply them to the new version of the template. Alternatively there should be there option to merge templates. This should make it easy to merge any changes we have made into the template you have modified. For the most part this is automatic but conflicts are easy to resolve too.
Thanks. Is there any way to see which templates are due to be modified by an upgrade, before actually updating? I'd assume that as I'm only upgrading to 1.4.x to 1.4.11 that there won't actually be much difference.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
There's no need to see what they are in advance, just do the upgrade. Your changes will take priority over our changes so you won't lose anything.

Each update announcement though does contain a list of templates we have changed. So that would at least give you an idea of the work required.

Though really it depends what you have edited vs what we have edited that decides how much work is required. If we've both edited different parts of the template it should be possible to merge that automatically.