XF 2.0 Upgrading on 2 different servers : Same Fatal error

Hi guys !!
Please really need some help.
First time i thaught my issue was due to my server. So i try in my friend's server. I exactly have the same fatal error.

However my 1.5.17 backup (ftp + DB) are clean and functional. Cleaned from all XF1 addons in the FTP and in the Database.

I'm really lost and do not know what to do now. Really need help to upgrade my forum. Thanks

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Did you get this resolved yet?
Sorry to not giving feedback earlier.Yes I solved it following these steps. Just cleaning my FTP and DB wasn't enough !!

- I made a backup of my DB after cleaning it from tables of old addons and let it also in my host
- Made Backup of Data and Internal data folders in my HD and let them also in my host
- Closed my board for maintenance
- Installed a fresh version of XF1.5.17 with a brand new DB
- Sticked this new fresh install with my old DB (master DB) and checked that all my important content was ok (Members, threads, posts, avatars...)
- Uploaded the upgrade archive XF1 to XF2.0.2 in my host (installed with success)
- Imported all my tables from my master DB.

And that's it. Installed new style (UIX2) and new addons.
So after a lot of tests in subdomains, it seems that the problem came from files in my FTP but wich ones ? It's still a mystery. The fresh install saved me. Of course always backup everything and alwys test on a sub-domain before the production site. This is the Base.