XF 2.1 Enabling cache on 2 different installations on the same server causes error


Hi everyone!

So when I enable backend cache on one installation and then on another one, both on the same server, the second one makes call for an add-on tat is not present on it, but on the first installation and throws an error: An exception occurred: [Exception] Could not find class {Custom addon namespace}\XF\Template\Templater when attempting to extend XF\Template\Templater in src/XF/Extension.php on line 174

When I disable the cache on the second one, it works fine.

I've tried Redis and APCu caches. The same issue for different add-ons. So the second installation tries to extend the add-on that does not present on it, but on the first installation.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


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The more general solution is to change your cache namespace per XF install in config.php:

$config['cache']['namespace'] = 'name';
This is effectively a prefix on the IDs of things put in the cache to avoid conflicts. (It defaults to "xf" to avoid conflicts with other systems.)