XF 1.4 Upgrading/Installing addons puts site offline


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Hey there.

I know this isn't the section for addons, but this problem is for every addon I upgrade/install, so I figure it's more to do with my XenForo installation.
Every time I update/install/uninstall an addon, the forum goes offline and I have to manually continue the rebuild process.
I thought this was only with Chris D's installer, but the old fashioned upload/import xml method produces this too.

any ideas?


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The more styles and add-ons you have, the longer the rebuild will take.

A more powerful server will complete the task more quickly but you may still have to tune it to increase the timeout values.


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The forum is on it's own dedicated with RAID 1 drives and an E3-1230.
Are you talking about max_execution_time?