Upgrading Centos 7? or waiting?


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cPanel is recommending the following:

For customers currently running CentOS 7 or CloudLinux 7, we recommend upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, AlmaLinux 8, or CloudLinux 8.

For more information, please visit https://www.1.cpanel.net/e/871471/y...h=eupfLPa9zeDxiKi12Cj9f9Eu7BNNW9TB4kDZWE9ega8

I've been running Centos for years on a dedicated server with 3 forums and several WordPress installations.

I'm also aware that Centos 7 has a year or so to go before it stops receiving support so I admit I'm a little "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"..

My questions, for those of you running Centos 7,
  1. Have you already upgraded to Ubuntu or do you have plans in the near future?
  2. How much of a learning curve is there from Centos 7 to Ubunto 20? For example, does it change any of the commands in the cPanel Terminal app?
  3. For those not upgrading in the near future, do you plan to wait until Centos reaches final EOL with no support? If so why?

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1.) If I would ever change to a non RH alike distro, it would be Debian and not Ubuntu. Because I like stability and Ubuntu is a Debian derative.

2.) However, if your a panel user, might not be a big difference. In terminal, yes there are some changes.
As for sysadmins, the commands are different, package manager is different, some things reside on different places or are named different.
Biggest pro for using Debian alike is that major version upgrades can be done and are officially supported.
Personally I like yum much better (also to exclude things is easier) than apt-get.

You people seem to totally forget about Rocky Linux. Rocky is also 100% compatible with Centos, and even one of the Centos founders is also working on Rocky.
So you can always choose between Rock and Alma Linux. Rocky is a bit more open source maybe, because Alma is supported by Cloudlinux. Not sure about that.

Which might be the biggest pro for Alma. A bigger company behind it, and if you ever want to decide to use Cloudlinux in the future, then Alma is the right choice.

For people rather not having a supporting company but more open source, choose Rocky Linux.

Both are 100% 1:1 Centos compatible.

There is ofcourse also Amazon and Oracle Linux. First one I don't know, the second one neither but als seems 1:1 compatible with Centos.

3.) We got 2 servers with Centos 7 and 1 server converted from Centos 8.5 to Alma 8.5 which went flawlessly.
As for the Centos 7 servers, we will keep them to short before the EOL. Why? Because we already have them a couple of years, the EOL date is in 2024. Probably we will get new servers at that time, and if we have to change systems anyway, we will install Alma on them at that time and spare us the extra work (and worries) now.

As for stability, hardly any difference as far as I know.


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I talked to my host and they said that "CentOS Linux 7 will reach end of line on June 30, 2024, so you still have time" as it regards to changing.

They said they were recommending and supporting AlmaLinux.

When you sign up for a server it gives CentOS 7, CloudLinux, AlmaLinux, Debian, and Ubuntu as the OS options available.

I think I might hold out to the beginning of 2024. But I'm not sure yet.