XF 1.1 Upgraded, lost my logo


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Upgraded to the most recent 1.1 and replaced logo.png with my own logo, renaming as logo.png
Header Logo Image Path = styles/default/xenforo/logo.png
All that displays is a squashed thing left hand corner


My logo is 711 X 55
I have it on another site but cant remember if there's any more settings I have to do - the width maybe? logo.png
This is the file. When I used the filepath to logo.png as a url it wouldn't display saying the file has errors. But ti's displaying fine on the other site.


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#logo img {
vertical-align: middle;
img:-moz-broken:not([height]), img:-moz-user-disabled:not([height]) {
height: 50px;
img:-moz-broken:not([width]), img:-moz-user-disabled:not([width]) {
width: 50px;
img:-moz-broken, img:-moz-user-disabled {
-moz-force-broken-image-icon: 1;


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@erich thank you tried your code but no success.
Could someone check the file and see if it has anything wrong with it please?


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As per the FAQ, change the logo path or the default style directory or it will be overwritten each time you upgrade.


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I have no more suggestions. If you want to grant me FTP access, I could take a look and try and upload it on my end. PM me if interested.


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@goblues thank you for your very kind offer. I got it fixed - tenants did it for me changing the logo filepath to a child theme did it (???) he seems to be as nice as you - hugs.