Fixed Upgrade Wording


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So I know this is super nit-picky, but I figured I'd throw it out there.

I use XenForo as a framework for some non-forum sites. During an upgrade, end users see:

The board is currently being upgraded. Please check back later.

Admins see:

An upgrade is pending. The forum is only accessible in debug mode.

A user asked me what the board was and where can they get to it when the upgrade is over. Wouldn't it make more sense to refer to it as a "site" being upgraded rather than a board or a forum? Even if you use XenForo as a forum, there are lots of non-forum areas that are also not accessible during an upgrade (resource manager, media, etc.)

And even if you were purely referring to a forum, who calls it a board anymore? People don't remember the days of the BBS. lol


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If possible, it would be nice to display something like "<Site Name> is currently being upgraded. Please check back later." If there's no database access, then referring to it as "the site" would definitely be preferable to "the board" or "the forum". Maybe even reword it to something like "We are currently performing an upgrade. Please check back soon."


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I changed a few of these to reference "the site", namely the ones that are more user facing. You'll still see some board references in the options which I'm not planning on changing at this point.