XF 1.5 Upgrade wanting to install, not upgrade

Hi guys,

Having some issues with the upgrade to 1.5 I'd say chances are they are of my own doing but just wanted to work out how to go about fixing them.

After unzipping and uploading new files over the old ones, going to the upgrade url.


starts the process off fine and checks the config then the next step is it wants to install (rather than upgrade) and has a check box to check that tells me it will remove all xenforo data from the DB. Obviously not what I want.

I'm assuming the "upgrade" process is looking for something that for some reason isn't present on install.

I'd say it's as a result of a previously aborted upgrade where I had to roll back to the pre-upgrade files.

Any thoughts/ideas on what I might be missing.


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Did you upload the full .zip package instead of the upgrade package?

Ensure the correct details are in /library/config.php and replace the internal_data/install-lock.php file.
it appears I was missing the install-lock file..

I uploaded the upgrade package but as I said before I had an aborted upgrade a attempt previously and it appears I may have lost the install-lock file during that..

Thanks will give it a another try..