XF 2.1 Upgrade to php7.3 has broken install function

Tom McIntyre

Active member
We had a successful test run and have now ipgraded out live site to XF2.1. After that installation we had warnings from cPanel that our system sofware was out of date. Specifically MariaDB was dropping support for our version. We upgraded to the latest version and things appeared to be OK until the next automatic upgrade when the system crashed. We got it to run again by upgraading PHP to 7.3.

Since then we cannot get XFES to work and new installs or reinstalls of XFMG and other addons produce system errors. We also have addons that use ImgeMagick which is listed as not supported with PHP 7.3.

Our system is in operation but we have features turned off to slow down the error rate. We hope to make it through the weekend.

I have read what I can find on cPanel and ImageMagick but cannot find explicit directions for upgrading. The behavior looks like the error reporting level for PHP may be set to strict but that may ot be the default.

If anyone has a reference or personal experience with this problem help would be appreciated.