Upgrade to 1.1.4 not being recognized


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Having some trouble upgrading to 1.1.4 from 1.1.3

I'm using filezilla to upload everything to the FTP. I've just been selecting all the files/folders inside the "upload" folder from the download and dragging them to the xenforo folder in the FTP. I made sure that existing files were overwritten.

However when i then point my browser to /install - i'm getting the "No upgrade available" page - and it's telling me that "You are already running the current version (1.1.3). To do a fresh install, click here."

From the manual i realize that this might be an issue with files not being overwritten properly, so i've repeated the upload process a few times but still always the same result.

Is there something i've missed? Anyone had this problem as well?

I had the same issue... there's two check icons to check off near the middle right side in Filezilla
  • Synchronize Folders (so as you move through one side, it will move through the other assuming its the same folder structure)
  • Compare ( will compare contents and only show you what is different between the two).
Upload the entire folder. Right Click Upload
Go folder by folder until you dont see any more discrepencies

Then try the update again.

I hate FTP for this reason.
Yup, i'm sure

Try and make sure the folder you drag over contains the library folder. MAke sure you drag it over to the equivalent on the FTP server.

So if on your local machine, you move into "upload", which contains "library", make sure you upload that to, say, "httpdocs", which also contains library.

Don't set anything, but instead wait for the filezilla prompt to tell you files exist already, and then select to overwrite.
Did exactly the same last night :oops: drag the folders onto forum directory not individual folders or you end up creating styles-styles etc.
Did have to mod permissions, what should each directory be set too?
For anyone that happens to stumble on this thread - you may have done what I did.

Instead of transferring the upgrade files to www.xxxxx.com/forums, I put them in www.xxxxx.com/forums/upload

The upload folder (that you get as part of the 1.1.4 or 1.1.5 etc. download) makes this a little confusing. But the contents of the /upload folder in the upgrade download are supposed to be overwritten directly to the root of your forum - not the upload directory as one may assume.
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