XF 1.5 Upgrade problem

Trying to upgrade to xenforo 1.5, however it says

The directory /customers/e/b/d/dreamaion-forum.com/httpd.www/data must be writable. Please change the permissions on this directory to be world writable (chmod 0777). If the directory does not exist, please create it.


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The data and internal data directories should be world writable (chmod 0777). They should have been set to this when you first installed XenForo. I don't know if anything has changed? Anyway, make sure these are both 0777 and do this recursively for all contents in these two folders.

Do also ensure you are using the upgrade package and not the full one. ;)
I am sorry I am not sure what to do? I also accidentally deleted the "data" folder and now no avatars are being shown. Does that have anything to do with it?


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That would be exactly why you're having this issue. You will need to restore the data folder from a backup.


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Ask your host in case they make backups, some do.

If they haven't, you're stuffed. You will have lost all avatars and attachments from your forum without a backup. You may have lost other data too depending on which add-ons you have (I know XFMG and Featured Threads store media in the data folder).

I suggest you get a backup solution sorted asap.


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You should be making regular backups especially before updating the forum in case something messes up =(

See if they have a 'deleted' folder or area or something. I know some keep files for x period of time in case something was removed by accident even if they do not do full backups.


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I've just looked again at your site and see the same error for the internal_data as well as the data folder. You most certainly have lost all avatars and attachments if you don't have backups for these folders. You may even have to start your site again.
It's fine, I just recreated the "data" folder, my site in my signature is working fine, just everyone has to reupload their avatars and such.

In the future I REALLY need to make backups lol