XF 1.2 Upgrade from vB4 - CMS Articles


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Hi everybody!

I just testing to import vb4 data to xenforo 1.2. I am a bit frustrated with importing cms articles. We have some thousands of them.

I tried the official importer, which works very well.
Also I tried the unofficial importer, because it can import cms articles. But the unofficial importer hangs while importing cms articles and nothing more happens. It always reload at 19,04% and reloads and so on.

Is there a way out? I would like to use the official importer and the only import the cms-articles to a forums. Can somebody give me a hint, how I can achieve this?



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The official importer will ignore CMS articles, since it does not have a proper destination in XenForo. If you need help with an unofficial importer, the authors of the importer should be able to help you.