Upgrade Cost


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I currently have a licence that has expired. At the moment i can only upgrade my version 1.4 of the software.
The question is, if i pay the $40 upgrade fee, will i then be able to download version 1.5, or will i still only be able to run and upgrade my 1.4 version?


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Just another concern i have here. My licence/support ran out in July 2015. If i upgrade now, does that mean i wont gain anything as it would only take me to July 2016, or does the additional year start from today?


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He meant it would give you 12 months from today (the day you purchase the extension). Effectively, it gives you the more generous option (12 months from now or 12 months from the expiration date, whatever is later).


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$40 to maintain software is pretty cheap.

Ms office $100/year
Lightroom+ Photoshop $140/ year

And you can't just renew those when you want.

Renew any time for $40 for 12 months from the date of purchase of that renewal is incredible value.