XF 2.0 Upgrade Conflicts?


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I'm doing a test upgrade on our database and get this message:

Known conflicts with the following third-party add-ons have been detected:

  • [TH] Custom Fields
  • [bd] Widget Framework
  • Conversation Improvements by Xon
Conflicts will be resolved during the upgrade process by renaming affected database tables and columns.If you do not intend to use the add-ons after upgrading, you may prefer to restore the XenForo files from your previous version and uninstall the conflicting add-ons. The add-on authors may have more specific recommendations for resolving these conflicts.

However, I don't have any of those addons installed. Is that a generic message or specific to me? Any idea why it's detecting them when they're not installed?

Chris D

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We’ve seen this happen when the XF1 database contains certain fields and tables which were not added until XF2.

This either happens because of those add ons, or if you’re attempting the upgrade on a database which has been partially restored from an XF1 backup which was previously upgraded to XF2.

You may want to attempt the upgrade anyway but you may encounter issues.

Ideally you need to restore the database back to its XF1 state, ideally into an empty database to ensure none of the previous XF2 changes are present.

Either that, or the upgrade crashed half way through a previous attempt but if that happened the only thing we can recommend is restoring from a back up and starting again.


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I had a XF2 test database which was fully emptied with everything dropped.

I mysqldumped my live XF1 database into an SQL file and then imported that into the empty database that had held XF2 data.

I then ran the upgrade and got the above.

It all seems to have worked ok but I'm not sure what I should be looking for as being wrong.

Chris D

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That message certainly suggests otherwise.

For example if it detects a conflict with Widget Framework then it likely means you have an xf_widget table. If it’s not from WF then it means you already have the XF2 widget table.

Similarly for a conflict with Conversation Essentials it likely means your xf_conversation_message table already had fields for likes and like_users etc.

The custom fields errors likely suggest you have stuff in the database already to support custom thread fields.

The only possible explanations are you already had those or similar add ons, or the database is not in the state you thought it was.