XF 1.2 Updating email issue


If a user tries to update their contact details, and mistypes their new email address, they are put into the state of "awaiting email confirmation from edit".

Unfortunately in this state, they can no longer edit their email address as it is denied by the permissions - so they can't correct the mistake they have made.

You might think this wouldn't happen very often, but we have been running Xenforo for 4 days and this has happened to 3 of our users already.

Is there anything I can do with permissions etc to change this?


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It's a user state so not handled by permissions.

All you can do is manually update the email address for them or make their account valid again.


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That sounds good if it works, and I will assume Mike knows what he is talking about ;)

That, combined with a notice letting the user know that he is still awaiting approval, and within the notice a link to edit the email account in case of a mistake, is a win/win solution.


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I know nothing... ;)

But this looks like it should only be an issue with a new 1.2 install. If you upgraded from 1.1, the unconfirmed group would already have this permission. It will have it for 1.2.1+ installs.


Yes, it was a clean 1.2 install and migrate from vB 3.8

Just tested that permission change and it works great.