Updating a theme to 1.1?

Wayne Hunt

Hi guys,

I'm building a new site to replace a vB3 forum using 1.1...

I found a theme that I really like and want to use as a starting point for my own customized version. It's on the site here as Xen Business and the guy even put out a free version.


I'm MORE THAN WILLING to pay for it, but there are two problems.

1) The author seems to have completely disappeared and is not answering to either on his own support forum (http://xenfs.com/community/) or via e-mail contact form.

2) It does not appear to be 1.1 compatible, or it's just broken.

While it works on his own site above, I don't know what version he's running. When I download and install the free version, all of the icons for the editor (and Quick Edit) disappear. I mean, they're still clickable in the QuickEdit box, but the icons themselves don't show up.

There are other bugs, such as the PM notifications and alerts ALWAYS showing up until you hover over them, but this is the main problem.

My question is this...

Since the author has gone completely MIA, What would I need to do with the free version to fix the problem seen in the picture above?

BTW, you can see the site at http://salemspectator.com/sandbox. It's completely disposable, so change to the XenBiz theme at the bottom to see the problems I mean.

Thanks for any help you can give me.



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Revert any outdated templates and reapply the changes which were made to the new templates.

Upload any missing image files from the default style directories to the custom style directories.

Update the style to use the new sprites.

Wayne Hunt

I appreciate the feedback sir, thank you but honestly, as I get older, I don't keep up as much as I used to, so I'm not quite sure how to do any of the three things you mentioned.

That being said, I'll jump in and see what I can blow up. It's only a sandbox after all.

Wayne Hunt


Don't really know what I did, but uploading the icons from a working 1.1 theme to the broken Xenbiz theme seems to have fixed it. Thanks.