XF 1.5 Updated relative paths


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I'm moving a large XF forum from one cpanel account, aaaa, to another cpanel account, bbbb. However, when attempting to move I ran into a bunch of errors because the paths weren't relative and were defined as /home/aaaa/public_html/xf. Is there an easy way to search for all paths and make them relative so this move can be made? I'm unsure where to start.

The host mentioned issues with these as an example:
root@host [/home]# grep -alR /home/aaaa /var/lib/mysql/aaaa_xdb/
root@host [/home]# grep -alR /home/aaaa /var/lib/mysql/aaaa_wikidb/
root@host [/home]#



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We don't store paths like that in any of the listed xf_ tables. If they're in those tables, I can only guess that they were used in a post or from an add-on. The second set of tables aren't XenForo-related so I couldn't really comment on them.