XF 2.2 Updated RC1 to Stable: Unexpected contents


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I updated to 2.2 stable from RC1 and now have this file containing unexpected contents:
src/XF/Pub/Controller/Help.php Unexpected contents
Should I redo the upgrade or as it's just one file, inspect it and ignore it?


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How did you upgrade? (ACP/one click or via a manual upload?)

If you did it via the ACP, we only replace files that were actively changed between versions, so if this file was already showing unexpected contents (because it was manually edited for example) and we didn't change the file since RC1 (I don't think we did), then the edited file will remain. You could manually reupload the file to resolve this.

If you manually uploaded the files for the upgrade, this generally indicates some sort of issue with the upload so it's probably worth manually reuploading the file.

This file isn't upgrade related in any way, so just reuploading the file should be sufficient.


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ACP/one click

I'll examine it before uploading and report back... Unsure why it'd be throwing anything.

The one thing I didn't do with this upgrade is "over-write" while upgrading.


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Nothing looked out of the ordinary between the two files.

However, the version that I had was 2706k and the uploaded version was 2705k, which when rescanned fixed the issue.