XF 2.2 How to determine which files have unexpected contents.


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When trying to install an add-on I'm developing, I'm prompted with a warning that I have 6 files with unexpected contents. I've generated hash values for all files, but still continue to receive the error.
1) Is there a way to identify which files contain the "unexpected contents"?
2) Is this error triggered in other ways other than hash mismatch?

There are dozens of other files in the add-on as well that are not flagged, which is sort of weird.

Thank you!
It should have a tooltip that lists them. How are you generating the hashes? The addon build process should generate them correctly. Would only be an error if uploading the files manually and they've partially uploaded or something.
Hm, if you're developing an addon the standard way then the php cmd.php xf-addon:build-release command will generate the hashes.json for you as part of the archive build. I'm not too sure when that tool would ever be necessary as if you're developing an addon you'd have access to the standard development tools and you'd just build a release.
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