XF 1.5 How to determine what css to include for page nodes?


I have been following the following guide (https://xenforo.com/community/resources/how-to-create-a-page-node.354/) on page nodes which mentions the use of the messageText, ugc and baseHtml classes.

While those serve most of my needs, I wanted to create a page that fit in more nicely with the overall theme of the forum. For starters, I'd like to have the same rounded corner of the h3s used for node titles.sni.PNG

<h3 class="nodeTitle"><a href="#official-forums.1">Official Forums</a></h3>

I'd like to know determine the name of the class I need to include in the div. I've found that nodeTitle is defined in node_list.css but I've tried adding node_list, node and nodeList in the div and nothing has worked thus far.


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You will likely need to include the css templates in the page node to utilise those classes.

<xen:require css="name_of_css_template.css" />


Well, I've tried this with no success :(
<xen:require css="node_list.css" />
<div class="nodeInfo categoryNodeInfo categoryStrip">
        <div class="categoryText">
            <h3 class="nodeTitle"><a href="google.com">test</a></h3>