Update your SSL certs to SHA-2


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"This message is to inform you that all certificates activated and reissued from Namecheap will be signed by SHA-2 by default, starting November 6, 2014.

The reason is that the SHA-1 hashing algorithm is being deprecated by most Certificate Authorities. Please review this article for detailed information.

Starting in November 2014, SHA-1 will be gradually sunset by Google. Thus, we strongly suggest that anyone using SSL certificates signed with SHA-1 reissue their certificates from Namecheap account panel as soon as possible.

If you are not sure whether you SSL certificate is signed by SHA-1 or SHA-2, check our KB Article for a tool to check this.


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Yeah got that email today as well. I was like this is news? I was waiting to get home to make sure I understood since the cert I got last month is SHA256. I knew it wasn't SHA-1.

I think last time I checked xenforo.com has an SHA1 cert though.