XF 2.2 Update options from code?


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Hi All,

I want to create a cron that checks an external source, and based on that source updates the options for an addon. I am just trying to figure if this is possible.

Would I need to extend and use the Admin>>OPtions controller and is this potentially a dangerous addon to be creating?

The basic premise is that I have an addon that I created using the API which allows 2 other forums and my forum to have a single thread on our own sites, and users from all 3 sites can post and communicate from their own sites and their post will be pushed to the threads on the other sites. To do this it relies on each of us updating the thread ID's of the other sites each week. I want to create a way to automate this as it becomes quite cumbersome. I am thinking of having the sites broadcast that threadId or having us create them in an external list that each site just polls once a week via cron and updates the settings with the threadId's

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