Please could we have more options when it comes to paid "Upgrades"


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Hiya team!

Not made any Xenforo suggestions before, however figured i would give it a go.

Currently the way our site is set up, we rely soley on Donations to keep the place running. This is currently handled by the internal payment processor (third party ones either dont have the functionality or we have had issues with - the internal one is the only one that "just works" in my view...
The issue is that you can only "donate" once for an upgrade. Plus you can't add your own donation amount - it has to be the one set up. The upgrades actually are identical - they just give the ability to extend the expiry date!

The way we currently get around this is to have multiple upgrades pre-set, and multiple choices...


Is there any way that things could be changed to allow either multiple donations of the same "upgrade", or alternatively (maybe as well as) the ability to "upgrade" with a variable value (obviously with a minimum amount setting, since you wouldnt want to allow someone to donate for less than the other options!).

To me, anything involving payments within Xenforo is fairly archaic - I would have liked to think that since money is the (unfortunately) lifeblood of the world then it would be up there with the most important things... :)

Many thanks!
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The issues i had were varied, however one Addon creator i reported a major problem to (users just randomly being dropped from the "site supporters" usergroup) just told me that it was "my system" and didnt want to support, and then a couple of others wouldnt support the obviously extensive requirements in their add-ons.

The inbuilt one works really well - it just doesnt cover the two aspects in my post above!
Please can you use a legible font colour!
Like I've said multiple times, it's a bug in XF 2.3, which the site is running. It is not me. This is what I see:

This is the default XF Dark theme. No other addons messing with my colors, and Grammarly doesn't change font color.
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