Cannot reproduce  Unspecified Error when posing from quick post editor


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Does anyone having this or it's just me.
When using the quick editor I get the following error which pop-down from the top of the browser. And I can't see the post that I just posted only when I reload the page.

I have been having this problem for the last 30 minutes.


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Done hard refreshing, and I'm using FF 3.6.8
I'll see if that worked with this post, otherwise I'll try to sign out, clear cookies and cache then try again.

I had to reload the page to see my post.


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Test after logging out and clearing cache and cookies.

---------- Edit ---------

The problem is still exists.
I'll try with Chrome.


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Anything in the error console in Firefox? Using Firebug, what is coming back as the response for the Ajax request?