XF 1.4 Unspecified Error Messages


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I have been having problems with my forum over the last day or so. I frequently get an unspecified error message when I try and publish a post. The forum software does refresh the page so I need to do it manually. If I try and click "Reply to Thread" again, I inevitably publish multiple posts (that I then need to delete).

The good news is that other members of my forum are not experiencing this.

This leads me to believe that this has something to do with my ISP. Perhaps a DNS propagation issue or something related to accessing CloudFlare in this part of the world (I am currently in Colombia).

Anyone seen this issue before?

This is not something that I consider urgent as it is not affecting other members of my forum, however obviously it's frustrating for me to update my forum when this issue is there.



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If you open the browser console, is anything displayed there when the error is thown?
I didn't see anything when I pressed F12 with Chrome previously. And in the last two posts I just updated there no error was displayed (the error seems to happy about 50% of the time - just my luck it isn't coming up now).

If you want, I can wait until the error is displayed again and then copy the contents of the code displayed in the console.


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The error occurred again, but the console does not say much:

<div class="xenOverlay timedMessage" style="display: none; top: 0px; left: 0px; position: fixed;"><div class="content baseHtml" style="opacity: 0;">Unspecified error<span class="close"></span></div></div>


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The appears to happen when we get no message back. Unfortunately, there isn't really an obvious reason for that to happen. It could indicate the server isn't returning what's expected in that case (but still formed in the structure we expect), which may be caused by an add-on. I would recommend trying to confirm it without add-ons/on the default style.

If it's only happening sporadic, that may make it harder to debug. If we can get it to reproduce somewhat consistently, then we may be able to to look at it ourselves to see specifically what's being returned.


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I think it may a DNS issue related to where I am in the world. It hasn't happened today, but I will keep tabs on it and see if it continues.

Thanks for your help.