XF 2.1 Unregistered / Unconfirmed, what is the latter for?


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I notice when a user is awaiting email confirmation their User State reflects this, but they are not in the Unregistered / Unconfirmed group. Is this a legacy group name that needs changing? We are setting those permissions thinking they apply to Unconfirmed members but I do not think they apply, unless I am missing something.

I did a search for all members in this group primary or secondary with 0 results, so thinking this only applies to Unregistered (guests)?


There are valid reasons for adding accounts to the Moderating user group without actually making them moderators.
I don't feel like I'm being heard. I'm not suggesting changing valid reasons or back end machinations. I'm suggesting changing labels and presentation so new users like myself aren't confused, and you aren't having to answer all these questions. Fact is, if you have an admin box then why doesn't it turn someone into an admin. Fact is, unconfirmed is not unconfirmed. Fact is, using the false positive of 'not registered is a guest' for presentation is confusing. The mock-up I made, because I was asked, is just presentation. Change the presentation.

Now that I understand how it works, I just stuck around to help a little bit more. But I will see myself out.
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Your feedback is welcomed and noted but at this moment in time there isn't a compelling reason to change. The majority of the functionality you've given us feedback about has been around in mostly the same form for around 10 years and while there are two examples in this thread where it has been found to be confusing, this isn't feedback we've seen in any kind of regularity in that time.

I'm not meaning to say that totally negates your feedback or proves categorically that it cannot be improved but at the moment it seems like much less of an issue in the grand scheme.

@beerForo was simply advising earlier that you can create a suggestion thread to formalise your feedback, which you can do here.


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Yes, it became a suggestion which would be lost in here was all. ;) I said "if you feel that strongly" because I will often also suggest things here and there in questions, but I will officially post them if I feel strongly.