Unlock user upgrades based on date of sign-up

Will Franco

Active member
Is there an added that can unlock user groups based on the date of sign-up.

User Case

TAP is a course rigged under a node category with 6 modules. XF vanilla enables me to sell a user group that includes all 6 modules. New modules can be added easily by giving that user group access to more nodes. Feasibly, I can sell chorts and manually unlock each module for that cohort based on the date of sign-up. Once all six modules are unlocked, drop them into the user group that has access to all nodes and then run the chort again.


  • TAP (user group) ({chort} {date}]
    • Module 1 (user group)
    • Module 2 (user group)
    • Module 3 (user group)
    • Module 4 (user group)
    • Module 5 (user group)
    • Module 6 (user group)